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If you are organizing an event or conference in Marrakech or Morocco, then you will need a reliable transfer service for your team and the visitors.

Limousine Prestige Travel had made both, personalized service and attention to detail important parts of our operations. From the early planning stages, all the way through to on-site coordination and quality assurance. We offer a large and diverse fleet of new-style luxury vehicles, which allows us to accommodate small and large groups for any corporate event, meeting, summits or convention.

Limousine prestige Travel has a stunning fleet of vehicles ranging from luxury sedans to spacious vans that are fully equipped and operated by trained professionals. We maintain a strict policy to ensure our vehicles are regularly maintained before picking you up.

On the day of your special event, Limousine Prestige Travel team will guarantee that your group is receiving the best quality and most seamless service possible. By monitoring all the details, your event will certainly run smoothly. As your onsite representatives, we have constant communication with our vehicles and personnel.

Because of our experience for more than 10 years and our large fleet, we are able to provide your transportation needs.




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